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Thank You in Spanish

Learning a new language has many benefits. It will allow you to travel to different parts of the world with a lot of ease. Out interaction with other people will not be challenging. Spanish is considered one of the most useful languages that you can learn. It is vital to note that you do not need to learn much of Spanish. You can start by learning the basic or commonly used Spanish words. Know how to say hello, good day, good morning, ok, you’re welcome, my darling, and many others. In this article, we focus on the phrase ‘thank you.’

Are you planning to say thank you to the people in Spanish? Gracias is the Spanish word for thank you. There is more way of expressing yourself beyond the word gracias. It can either be formal or informal. Let look at how we can use the work gracias in a different context.

In the public setting, there are different ways you can say thank you in Spanish, when other people help you. It could be a person who has given you direction, they have allowed you to sit, they have allowed you to go ahead of them in a queue, among other things. When you are saying thank you, you should use the correct word and tone while you are conveying your gratitude.

On all occasions, you can use muchas gracias when you want to say ‘thanks to you very much’. Muchisimas gracias means ‘thanks a lot’. While using the phrases, you may decide to either use the word por or not. You may also decide to use the phrase alongside the reason why you are expressing your gratitude. If you are given a bottle of wine, you can say ‘muchisimas gracias for vino. In the case you are offered multiple things by a person, the right phrase to use is ‘gracias por todo’. It means ‘thank you for everything’. It is vital to note that gracias por todo should only be used when someone has done so much for you.

In the private setting, the use of the thank-you phrase is a bit different. In this, you are using informal language. Use the agradezco mucho when you want to say ‘ I thank you very much’. Te agradecemos mucho meaning “we thank you very much’. On the other hand, if you wish to say ‘I thank you all very much,’ use the Spanish phrase ‘les agradezco mucho’.

Let now look at some examples of saying thank you in Spanish in different situations. If someone helps you, say ‘gracias por tu Ayuda’. Gracias por el regalo means ‘thank you for the present’. If someone understands the message you are trying to convey, respond by saying ‘gracias por su comprension’. To your sweetheart, the correct phrase is ‘gracias mi amor’.

Learning Spanish is interesting. If you are interested in the language, you should take a Spanish lesson. Look around; there might be a language school around you. Internet is also a great resource. For the basic phrases such as thank you, online lessons are free. However, for advanced Spanish lessons, you can easily find an online tutor to help you out.

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